Mashup Cultures

2010 cover_web

Sonvilla-Weiss Stefan (ed.)
Publisher: Springer Wien/New York
ISBN: 978-3-7091-0095-0

About this book: This volume brings together an international community of cutting-edge thinkers and scholars with young researchers and students, proposing a colorful spectrum of media-theoretical, -practical, and -educational approaches to current creative practices and techniques of production and consumption on and off the web. Along with exploring some of the emerging social media concepts, the book unveils some of the key drivers leading to participatory engagement of the User, who has irrevocably changed the up-to-now mass media-driven information landscape. Mashup Cultures thus presents a broader view of the effects and consequences of current remix practices and the recombination of existing digital cultural content for individuals, groups, institutions, and private-public organizations, to rethink existing modes of operation. The complexity of this book, which appears on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the international MA study program ePedagogy Design – Visual Knowledge Building, also by necessity, seeks to familiarize the reader with a profound glossary and vocabulary of Web 2.0 cultural techniques.

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