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Texts, Knowledge Visualizations

EXAMPLESStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, The process of meaning, 2009. Color print, 60 x 42 cmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, O and …, 2008. Sketch from the visual diaries 2003 – 2011Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Untitled, 2011. Color print, 91 x 43.5 cmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Search-cube, The Visual Search Engine, 2011.Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Out-of-body, 2011. Still from the animationStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Cybernetic drawings, 2003. Detail from […]

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Photography, Multimedia

EXAMPLESStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Untitled, 1995. Color copy, plexiglass, wood, 105 x 72 x 6 cmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Untitled, 1997. Computeraided large scale imagery, 120 x 80 cmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Land, 1993. Color print, transparency film, 840 x 594 mmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Stills from the animation Fruits, 1997Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Screen-, navigationdesign of the interactive CDRom Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss Arbeiten 1991–1997Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, […]

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Exhibitions, Installations

EARLY WORKSStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, “Studio View”, Vienna,1991.Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, Installation view, Haus Wittgenstein, 1991Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss, “Insight” (Erkenntnis), 1991. Installation view with the artist, Haus Wittgenstein, cardboard, varnish, mirror glas, 15 parts each 28,5 x 9 x 9 cmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, “Open Box #1”, 1991. Installation view Haus Wittgenstein, solid fibreboard, varnish; 120 x 80 x 12 cmStefan Sonvilla-Weiss, […]

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